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What Factors Affect The Cutting Speed Of The Machining Center?
Dec 24, 2018

a. Tool material. The maximum cutting speed allowed is different for different tool materials. High-speed steel cutting tools have a high-temperature cutting speed of less than 50m/min, tungsten carbide tools have a high-temperature cutting speed of over 100m/min, and ceramic tools have a high-temperature cutting speed of up to 1000/min.

b. Workpiece material. The hardness of the workpiece material will affect the cutting speed of the tool. The cutting speed of the same tool should be reduced when machining hard materials, and the cutting speed can be improved when processing soft materials. c. Tool life. If the tool life (life) is long, a lower cutting rate should be used. Conversely, a higher cutting speed can be used.

c. Cutting depth and feed rate. The cutting depth and the feed amount are large, the cutting resistance is also large, the cutting heat is increased, and the cutting speed of the numerical control machine tool should be lowered.

d. The shape of the tool. The shape of the tool, the size of the angle, and the sharpness of the cutting edge all affect the selection of the cutting speed.

e. Use of cutting fluid. The use of cutting fluid during cutting can effectively reduce the cutting heat and thus increase the cutting speed.

f. Machine performance. The machine tool has good rigidity and high precision to increase the cutting speed; otherwise, it needs to reduce the cutting speed.