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The Characteristics Of CNC Lathe Machining And Its Application
Aug 10, 2017

CNC lathe processing has been more and more used in modern manufacturing, and play an ordinary car can not match the advantages, then CNC CNC lathe processing which are the main features? The following by our Rui Sheng technology chief engineer to introduce you to the following:

1.CNC CNC lathe processing transmission chain short. Compared with the ordinary lathe spindle drive is no longer the motor belt gear sub-mechanism variable speed, but the use of horizontal and vertical feed, respectively, by the two servo motor drive to complete, no longer use the wheel, clutch and other traditional parts, transmission chain greatly shortened The

2. High rigidity. In order to match the high precision of the CNC system, the rigidity of the CNC lathe is high in order to meet the high precision machining requirements.

3. Light drag. The tool holder (table) moves with a ball screw pair, small friction, and moving light. Screw bearings at both ends of the bearing, the pressure angle is larger than the average bearing, in the factory will be selected; CNC CNC lathe processing part of the lubrication using oil mist automatic lubrication, these measures make CNC CNC lathe processing mobile light.