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How Todetermine The Quality Of CNC Lathe Processing Manufacturers
Aug 07, 2017

Lathe processing is part of the machining, there are two main forms of processing: one is to fix the knife, the processing of the rotation of the unformed workpiece; the other is the workpiece fixed, through the workpiece high-speed rotation, turning ( Turret) for horizontal and vertical movement for precision machining.

CNC lathe processing is usually controlled by the control system, servo system, detection system, mechanical transmission system and other auxiliary systems. In the lathe can also be used drill, reaming drill, reamer, tap, die and knurling tools such as the corresponding processing. The lathe is mainly used for machining shafts, plates, sleeves and other workpieces with slewing surfaces, and is the most widely used class of machine tools for machinery manufacturing and repair plants.

Modern lathe processing commonly used materials using aluminum alloy materials, aluminum alloy density relative to the density of iron and steel materials greatly reduced, and the lathe processing is difficult, plasticity, product weight greatly reduced, but also greatly shortened the lathe processing parts Of the time followed by the cost reduction makes the aluminum alloy has become the darling of the field of aviation accessories. Selection of CNC lathe parts manufacturers look titanium machinery! Jining Titanium Hao Machinery Co., Ltd. integrity, strength and product quality has been widely recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiations!

CNC lathe processing technology:

1, easy to ensure that the accuracy of the workpiece surface processing; processing, the workpiece around a fixed axis of rotation, the surface has the same axis of rotation, it is easy to ensure that the processing of coaxial degree between the requirements.

2, the cutting process is relatively stable; in addition to intermittent surface, the general situation of the lathe processing is continuous, unlike milling and planing, in a pass process, the knife has cut and cut out several times, Impact.

3, for non-ferrous metal parts of the finishing; some non-ferrous metal parts, because of the hardness of the material itself is low, better plastic, with other processing methods is difficult to get smooth surface.

4, the tool is simple; turning tool is the most simple one, manufacturing, grinding and installation are very convenient, which is easy according to the specific processing requirements, choose a reasonable angle.

CNC lathe processing manufacturers:

First, earnestly implement the "metal cutting machine general operating procedures" the relevant provisions.

Second, earnestly implement the following general provisions on the lathe:

1, looking for the workpiece, only use the hand plate to move the chuck or open the lowest speed to find, are not allowed to open high-speed correction.

2, change the direction of the spindle rotation, the first to stop after the spindle, are not allowed to change the direction of rotation.

3, loading and unloading chuck, only the right hand to rotate the V-belt drive spindle rotation line, absolutely prohibit the direct start of the machine forced release or tighten. At the same time in the bed to block the board, to prevent accidents.

4, the tool should not be extended too long, the gasket to be flat, width and width of the bottom of the same tool.

5, the work is not allowed to open the anti-car method to brake the spindle rotation.

Third, the serious implementation of the following special part of the special provisions of special lathe:

(A), round-round hexagonal lathe:

1, are not allowed to process bending, rough surface of the bar.

2, when the material should be aligned at the head of the chuck hole, gently hit, not allowed to chaos knocked knock.

(2), program-controlled Racing Lathe:

According to the process requirements for the work of the program spindle speed, tool feed, tool holder trajectory and continuous offside and other items of pre-selection. Place the motor knob in the "adjusted" position to test, confirm the no problem, then the electrical rotation in the automatic or semi-automatic position to work.