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Horizontal Lathe Plastic Towline Installation And Repair
Dec 24, 2018

The plastic towline determines the link height hg and the drag chain model based on the Dmax of the maximum aperture of the support plate. The machine tool attachment chain determines the bending radius of the support plate type towline according to the function of the towline. When the drag chain needs to carry a large pipe and the cable load, the high-strength support plate type-monolithic type should be selected; the machine tool accessory towline should have a larger pipe joint size than the inner diameter of the support plate or must be frequently removed. When installing, repairing, etc., a separate type of support plate can be used; when the specifications of the new type of towline installation cable are large, a frame type support plate can be selected.

There is a test standard for the performance of any thing, engineering plastic towline is no exception, then the test standard of plastic towline mainly has the impact strength, notched impact strength and Rockwell hardness; flame retardant performance - mainly flame retardant Sex and glow wire affect engineering plastics indicators are mainly the following, mainly including the following aspects of the detection of the physical properties of the towline - mainly by checking its density to achieve the purpose. Rheological properties - mainly mass flow rate and mold shrinkage, is the temperature of the drag chain under the temperature change; thermal properties - mainly including the heat distortion temperature of the drag chain and Vicat softening temperature; the detection of the mechanical strength of the towline includes - Tensile strength, elongation at break, flexural strength, no notch punch.

Plastic towline, you must know the height of the inner cavity of the plastic towline, the width of the inner cavity of the plastic towline, the bending radius of the plastic towline, and whether it is bridge or fully enclosed. Some customers replace the towline on the equipment. The replacement is required, and often they all provide the dimensions. It is recommended that you measure the size of the cavity, because each manufacturer's mold is different. If you take the outer diameter as the standard, it is very likely that you can't use it. The plastic towline can be opened at each section, and the plastic towline is easy to install and maintain. The plastic towline has low noise, wear resistance and high speed movement. Whether it is a steel towline or a plastic towline.