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High-end CNC Machine Tool Technology Process Qi Breakthrough
Aug 04, 2017

Whether it is a steel plate into a complex shape of the gear, or high-performance fiber material made of streamlined vehicle shell, or just a kind of blank for fine cutting, are inseparable from the machine. The machine used to make the machine is called the "machine" of the industry. With the development of the industrialization process, the control mode of the machine is realized. It can be said that digital machine tool is to achieve the cornerstone of industrial modernization, its technical level represents a country's comprehensive competitiveness.

In order to consolidate the foundation of China's industrial base, narrowing the gap between China's CNC machine tools and the international market, in 2009, China officially launched the implementation of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" national science and technology major projects. Over the past eight years, the project has achieved fruitful results, the new output value of about 70.6 billion yuan, China's high-end CNC machine tool technology continues to improve, focus on manufacturing equipment manufacturing support strong, high-end CNC machine tools to achieve a breakthrough.

Manufacturing capacity significantly improved

Through the large amount of imports, the market demand for a wide range of CNC lathes for research and development, China's machine tool enterprises can have imported equipment with independent research and development products, design and manufacturing capabilities to enhance

"In a machine, the X-axis movement can be processed lines, plus the Y-axis can be processed surface, with the Z-axis can be processed a three-dimensional thing, but this is far from enough." Mechanical Science Research Institute Dean Wang Decheng Told the reporter, "the industry is often to deal with more complex surfaces, ships, aircraft, rockets, satellites, spacecraft in many key parts of the material, structure, processing technology has a certain degree of special and difficult processing, with traditional processing methods can not To meet the requirements, must use multi-axis linkage, high-speed, high-precision CNC machine tools to meet the processing requirements.

Wang Dicheng said the multi-axis linkage is a CNC machine tool in a key technology, it can be achieved in a machine on multiple axes at the same time movement, the tool or workpiece can be controlled under the control of the NC system at the same time to coordinate the movement to complete the complex shape Processing. Although China is the world's largest manufacturing power, but this lack of high-end CNC machine tools, leading to China's high-end manufacturing in the field of people.

"Before we can not do five-axis machine tools, the use of CNC system is also made in foreign countries. Once in order to manufacture a large vessel on a device, many manufacturers scrambling to rush to use the only one imported machine, while for aerospace companies The foreign control system is not only for us to restrict imports, even if imported, and its numerical control system also left the information back door, for the national defense security is a big hidden danger. "Special technical chief, Chinese Academy of Engineering Lu Bingheng said.

With the rapid development of China's aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, military, military, engineering and other industries, the demand for large, heavy, compound, high-precision and high-grade CNC machine tools has increased dramatically. Change the status of high-end CNC machine tool constraints are imminent.

In this regard, "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" national science and technology major focus on large imports, the market demand for a wide range of processing centers and CNC lathes were deployed. Machine tool enterprises to develop a large number of new products to meet market demand, gantry-type machining centers, five-axis machining centers and other manufacturing technology tends to mature, heavy forging equipment performance close to the international advanced level, precision horizontal machining center with independent intellectual property rights The core technology of flexible manufacturing system. To the "second Five-Year" period, China's machine tool enterprise product design and manufacturing capacity has been significantly improved, high-end CNC machine tools and equipment, the international competitiveness of the ever-increasing.

In the field of high-end CNC machine tools, China has finally with the imported equipment par such as independent research and development of products, 80,000 tons of large-scale forging presses and 10,000 tons of aluminum tension tensile machines and other heavy forging and CNC stamping equipment successfully developed and filled The large-scale integrated forming technology gaps in the field of domestic aviation; large-scale complete sets of welding equipment successfully used in the Long March and other new generation of rocket development, in the field of space to establish the first use of domestic processing centers and CNC turning center production line, has been applied In the new generation of carrier rockets, docking agencies, lunar exploration and other institutions more than 100 species, more than 10,000 pieces of key complex parts processing, and achieved significant economic and social benefits; CNC forging forming equipment, the industrialization of significant results, The automotive market share of the domestic market share of more than 70%, the global market share of more than 30%, a strong impetus to domestic auto equipment autonomy, and the successful export to the United States 9 car production lines.

Technical standards gradually improved

China's machine tool industry to form a large number of technical standards and norms, some technical standards have been included in international standards, industry international competitive advantage significantly enhanced, to provide strong support for product development

"High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment," the implementation of major national science and technology projects, the industry has significantly improved the level of technology. Lu Bingheng introduction, China developed the precision horizontal machining center, and so on more than 30 categories of key products reached the international advanced level. Among them, 25 meters CNC column vertical milling machine is a major national project construction needs, to replace imported high-end products, its technical parameters, technical level are in the world's leading position, machine specifications, carrying the world's largest weight, on behalf of the national high-end The highest level of CNC heavy machine.

The most noteworthy is that China's machine tool industry, independent innovation and reliability level significantly improved standards and technical specifications gradually improved. Through the special implementation, to promote the domestic machine tool backbone enterprises joint colleges and universities, the user joint development, and actively organize the NC machine reliability assessment of national / industry standards and in the machine tool industry to promote the application. Machine host the average time between failures from 400 to 500 hours before the implementation of the general has been raised to about 1200 hours, some products have reached the international advanced 2000 hours.

Lu Bingheng introduction, the special results to form a large number of technical standards and norms, some technical standards by international counterparts attention, and was included in the international standards, the industry significantly enhance the international competitive advantage, product development to provide strong support, but also the continuous development of national equipment manufacturing industry Ability to enhance the role of protection.

At the end of 2016, China's own proposed S-shaped specimen standard for detecting the accuracy of the five-axis linkage machine tool has been approved by the international standard committee, becoming the first standard in the field of high-end CNC machine tool design and inspection, and realized "zero" breakthrough.

In addition, the special implementation of more than 8 years, the cumulative application for invention patents 3956, the project national and industry standards 407, research and development of new products, new technology 2951. In the industry research institutions, key enterprises to build 18 innovative capacity platform, the deployment of 70 demonstration projects, training innovative talents more than 5,500 people.

Domestic "brain" fill short board

CNC system to achieve from the analog, pulse to the full range of digital bus across the initial with similar products and foreign competitiveness, breaking the constraints of China's CNC machine tool industry development bottleneck

CNC system is the machine tool "brain", is to determine the CNC machine tool function, performance, reliability, cost and price of the key factors, but also restricts the development of China's CNC machine tool industry bottlenecks. And the foundation is weak, "lack of mind" has been "Made in China" short board.

Experts said that CNC systems, servo motors, servo drives and other manufacturing equipment is the most important key components. To achieve the "Made in China 2025" goal, the formation of "China Zhi Zhi" core competitiveness, can not be separated from the numerical control system, including servo drive, servo motor and other key technology innovation.

In order to fill the short board, "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" national science and technology major deployment of the implementation of the whole industry chain layout, domestic CNC system to achieve some of the original technology beyond. Enterprises have mastered the hardware and software platform design and mass production technology of CNC system, and reached the technical level of international mainstream products in key technical indexes such as multi-channel, multi-axis linkage and high-speed interpolation.

Through special support, China's CNC system to achieve from the analog, pulse to all-digital bus across, has been initially with similar products in foreign competitiveness. High-end CNC system, functional components and host products supporting research and development, and the initial realization of high-end CNC machine tools and batch support. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Secretary for Industry and Equipment Luo Junjie introduction, 2016, CNC machine tools to support the development of high-end CNC system has accumulated more than 1,000 sets of domestic market share by the special start before the lack of 1% to 5 %about.

At present, the domestic high-end CNC system has been more than 10 kinds of more than 600 sets of high-end CNC machine tools supporting the start of aerospace key enterprises demonstration applications. "Functional components of the enterprise product quality level steadily improved, continuous improvement of varieties of series, rolling functional parts testing equipment from scratch, static stiffness and other key technical indicators and test equipment level has been among the international advanced ranks.As of now, rolling functional components in the high-end CNC machine tool market share of 20%, compared with the special implementation in 2009 to enhance the 4 times, the variety of satisfaction is 80%. "Luo Junjie said.

Lu Bingheng said that China's CNC machine tools will focus on aerospace, automotive two key areas of the user, common technology research and key areas of technology verification both key research and development of key components of the parallel development, accelerate the innovation platform and demonstration project construction, Training and the introduction of high-end talent, and strive to solve the numerical control system and functional components, reliability and precision retention, processing efficiency and technological level to enhance the three aspects of the problem, to achieve special results in key areas of large-scale, modular demonstration applications for the full implementation "Made in China 2025" to provide support.

The next step, CNC machine tools and other national science and technology projects and local science and technology projects closely linked to form a concerted effort to work together on the national high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, technological innovation and competitiveness of the leap-forward development.