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Development Trend Of Composite Machine Tools
Sep 21, 2018

The combined machining CNC machine tool has the functions of performing multiple cutting operations (including turning, milling, grinding, drilling and so on) on one machine at the same time, which highlights the completion of the workpiece in one installation. Part or all of the processing steps to reduce machine tools and fixtures, significantly reduce the raw materials, energy consumption and manufacturing costs of machine tool manufacturing, eliminating the need for handling and storage between processes, shortening cycle times, improving machining efficiency, improving workpiece machining accuracy, and saving The working area and the purpose of reducing the labor intensity of the workers. In particular, it saves a lot of raw materials and steel for machine tool manufacturing.

In recent years, with the globalization of the economy, the market competition of products has intensified, and the era of single-product processing has been basically over, prompting enterprises to shorten the innovation and development cycle of products, improve product performance, speed up product upgrading and increase product varieties. . At the same time, we actively promote optimized production processes in production to ensure product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and shorten production cycles, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, the processing market is increasingly demanding for multi-tasking machines, and users are no longer satisfied with a single type of machine tool that simply performs turning or milling operations. Instead, it requires machine tool manufacturers to provide turning, drilling, milling, and boring. Multi-functional composite machining CNC machine tools for grinding and grinding processes.


Composite machining CNC machine tools have become the leading products in the processing industry in other advanced countries, and the application market in China's machine tool manufacturing industry and processing industry is still in its infancy. Taking numerical control lathes as an example, in many international machine tool exhibitions, the common single-turn machining 2-axis CNC lathe exhibits of foreign machine tool manufacturers have rarely been seen, most of which are composite machining CNC machines with different machining functions. .

Multi-functional composite machining CNC machine tools are still in their infancy in China. Some machine tool manufacturers have begun to realize that the production of single-machine tools can no longer meet the needs of the market. In particular, small and medium-sized machine tool manufacturers face a single machine tool. The market pressure of the horse walking alone bridge is eager to develop a composite machining CNC machine with characteristics that can meet the needs of users. However, the imported multi-channel numerical control system is expensive, complicated in operation, and the degree of understanding of the composite processing technology and process is only in the degree of understanding, thus seriously restricting the development of the composite machining CNC machine tool in China. At present, the price of imported full-function high-end composite machining CNC machine tools on the market is extremely expensive, and the end users of general processing and manufacturing enterprises are discouraged, which seriously affects the popularity of CNC machine tools in China.