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Steps to operate and use the CNC correctly
Jul 17, 2018

Steps to operate and use the CNC correctly

(1) Inspection before the CNC system is energized

1) Check if the individual printed circuit boards in the CNC unit are tight and the plugs are loose.

2) Carefully check that all the connecting cables between the CNC unit and the outside world are correctly and reliably connected as specified in the supplied connection manual.

3) Whether the connection of the AC input power supply meets the requirements specified by the CNC device.

4) Confirm that the various hardware settings in the CNC device meet the requirements of the CNC device.

Only after the above inspection can the CNC device be put into operation.

(2) Inspection after the CNC system is powered on

1) First check if the fans in the CNC are operating normally.

2) Check if the DC power supply on each printed circuit or module is normal and within the allowable fluctuation range.

3) Further confirm various parameters of the CNC device.

4) When the numerical control device is connected to the machine tool, it should be used as the emergency stop button when the power is turned on, so that the power can be cut off at any time in case of emergency.

5) Manually move each axis at a low speed to see if the display of the machine movement direction is correct.

6) Perform several actions to return to the machine reference point to check whether the CNC machine has the function of returning to the reference point and whether the position of each return to the reference point is exactly the same.

7) Functional test of the CNC device.