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Daily Maintenance Of CNC System
Jun 26, 2018

Daily maintenance of CNC system

1) Formulate rules and regulations for daily maintenance of CNC systems.

2) The doors of CNC cabinets and power cabinets should be opened as little as possible.

3) Regularly clean the cooling ventilation system of the numerical control device.

4) Regular maintenance of the input/output device of the CNC system.

5) Regularly check and replace DC motor brushes.

6) Always monitor the grid voltage for CNC installations.

7) Regular replacement of the battery with the memory.

8) Maintenance of CNC system when it is not used for a long time.

9) Maintenance of spare printed circuit boards. For the purchased spare printed circuit board, it should be periodically loaded on the CNC device and run for a period of time to prevent damage.

10) Do the preparatory work for the maintenance:

1 Technical preparation: Maintenance personnel should fully understand the performance of the system at ordinary times.

2 Tool Preparation: As an end user, the maintenance tool only needs to prepare some conventional instruments and equipments, such as AC voltmeter, DC voltmeter, which may be analog or digital, and the measurement error is within ±2%. . A multimeter is also a commonly used instrument.

3 Spare parts preparation: Once the components of the numerical control system or components are damaged, the system will be faulty. In order to troubleshoot the problem in time, the user should prepare some common spare parts.