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CNC Milling Machine Working Principle And Characteristics
May 31, 2018

CNC milling machine working principle

According to the parts shape, size, precision and surface roughness and other technical requirements to develop processing technology, select the processing parameters. The programmed program is input to the controller by manual programming or automatic programming using CAM software. The controller processes the machining program and sends instructions to the servo. The servo sends a control signal to the servo motor. The spindle motor rotates the tool, and X, Y, and Z-direction servo motors control the tool and the workpiece to move relative to each other in a certain trajectory so that the workpiece can be cut.

CNC Milling Machine Features

(1) The precision of the machining of parts with a CNC milling machine is very stable. If the wear of the tool is ignored, the parts machined with the same program have the same accuracy.

(2) CNC milling machine is especially suitable for machining more complicated parts, such as various molds.

(3) CNC milling machine has a high degree of automation, high productivity, and is suitable for processing large-volume parts.