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CNC Machining Center Use Precautions
Nov 14, 2018

At present, with the transformation and development of industrialization, the proportion of precision machining used by CNC machining centers is getting heavier and heavier. With the popularization of CNC machining centers, one problem is the lack of talents in CNC machining centers. It is very dangerous for people who are unfamiliar or do not understand to operate a large machine like the Gantry Machining Center. CNC machining center engineers have listed the things to be aware of when using the Gantry Machining Center:

1. Skilled in operation, master the performance and characteristics of the CNC machining center. It must be ensured that the emergency stop switch can be used quickly and effectively in an emergency to avoid injury.

2. Wear labor protective equipment according to the regulations, such as wearing protective shoes, but it must be put forward: it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves. Once the gloves are hooked by the machine, the consequences are unimaginable.

3. Do not touch the electronic switch with wet hands when working in the CNC machining center, or touch any moving parts with your hands to avoid electric shock.

4. Do not place tools or non-machined workpieces on machines or moving objects.

5. The computer desk or work desk next to the machine must be sturdy and must not be placed on a moving or unsecured table.

6. When the workpiece is moved up and down, the machine must be stopped first, and the workpiece must be kept at a certain distance from the tool. Do not open the front door and left and right covers freely during the operation of the machine to avoid personal injury.

7. After the tool has finished setting, please perform a test run to make sure the program is correct.

8. When the power is turned off or after an emergency stop, the operator should return the three axes to the mechanical position.

9. Do not remove the relevant parts of the travel switch or any protection switch.

10: Keep the floor and pedals clean.

11. Before the work leaves the machine, the operator cuts off the control panel of the operation panel and turns off the main switch of the electrical box.