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CNC Machine Tools Robots Change The Tide And Surging
Aug 04, 2017

CNC machine tools robot substitutions tide and surging to the machine in the transformation of this big change, the only human can not be replaced by the idea of the machine. No matter how fast the artificial intelligence processing information, the amount of how much, it can not be replaced by the human brain to think for reasons. "Machine substitutions" phenomenon gradually in all walks of life gradually, human workers were robbed of the news of robots often see the newspaper, "artificial intelligence (AI) threat theory" has become a hot topic of society.

In fact, in addition to truss robots, intelligent manufacturing industry, other technologies and human rush to work. Such as 3D printing production line snatched footwear workers post, networking technology so that the cashier lost their jobs and so on, but why only the robot caused the human vigilance and fear of it?

The core technology that supports the operation of robots is artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence is the simulation of the human brain and the whole nervous system. The root cause of human fear of artificial intelligence is not that the work is taken away, but as a person's identity and ideas are replaced.

In the case of human work alone, the robot is not entirely a cold-blooded competitor. In fact, the machine is not a lot of time because the operator in order to reduce labor costs and take the initiative to hire robot workers, but because of human labor is not enough to do so A typical example is the Japanese manufacturing industry, the robot usage rate is much higher than the world average, the main reason is the serious aging of the population caused by labor shortage. And in the long run, more and more countries will face aging problems, so that the robot into the factory will become the practical needs of mankind.

   Truss robots for a single CNC machine configuration automatic loading and unloading equipment to meet the single parts of the automated production. Truss with high-strength steel beams, double column structure, pure modular design, suitable for shafts, discs, rings and other parts of the automatic loading and unloading. With flexible and versatile, fast moving, high positioning accuracy, long life and other advantages.

However, the robot is now replaced by the labor is mainly mechanical work, in general, the technical content is not high, therefore, as a thought as young people, we should improve the pace of the robot, Their skills, and constantly improve their own knowledge!