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High Precision New Generation X6 Linear Servo CNC Milling Machine Tapping

X6 Plus Linear series of new generation to solve the enterprise market for low-cost high-precision machine tool demand. The whole series of models imported high-speed rail line. Processing and positioning accuracy of less than 0.01mm. The standard high-speed spindle with 5,000 rpm NT30. While...

  • Features & Specification

    X6 linear servo

    All new generation of X6 Linear Servo CNC milling machine tapping to solve the enterprise market for low-cost high-precision machine tool demand. Imported models using high-speed rail line. Processing and positioning accuracy of less than 0.01mm while adding automatic oil lubrication system, Protect your machine precision, extended service life. X6 Linear Servo uses a 3-axis servo motor system, with 3-axis high-precision HIWIN rail line, the feed rate of up to 160mm / s, models using NT30 spindle, 5000rpm speed, rigidity tapping to 2,000 rpm. HIWIN linear guide rail via high-precision machine tool positioning .9.0 Nm frequency motor with frequency converter machine running efficiently. Including siemens 808D or syntec B3 CNC controller, high effective, anti-interference, stable and reliable, while a U disk, USB, carrying case, additional application of a more flexible panel operation function; table format to teach programming and powerful macro capabilities, programming and more convenient.


    -Embedded platform based on advanced control system, high reliability

    -7.5Inch high-resolution true color display, the appearance of a graphical interface, easy operation 

    -Support U disk, USB, MPG, resume processing function of the breakpoint memory

    -Optional siemens 808D or syntec 3B cnc controller-The table size 690 x 210mm 

    -Precision high-speed 5,000 rpm spindle, NSK spindle bearings

    -Rigid tapping speed of up to 2000 rpm, M2 thread

    -9.0Nm AC variable frequency motor drive with Delta VFD

    -High-speed three-axis servo motor 

    -220V single-phase AC power supply 

    -NT30 spindle size metric or imperial R8 

    -Pre-installed high-speed cooling fan 1 x 120mm

    -Selection of high-quality casting materials, compact 

    -Taiwan's imports of hiwin linear

    -Imported from Taiwan OEM PMI double nut ball screw Intime 

    -Safety electrical components of high quality and fast plug 

    -Automatic lubrication system pre-installed to protect the rail life 

    -Pre-installed fourth axis fast interface 

    -Pre-loaded hand wheel controller MPG 

    -CE and CCC safety certification


    Dimensions (L x W x H) 

    - 720mm x 860mm x 1160mm 

    Package dimensions (L x W x H)

    - 1200mm x 1100mm x 2000mm 

    Table size 

    - 690mm x 210mm 

    T-slot size 

    - 16mm 


    - 1000 ~ 1150kg 

    Working travel

    - X-axis: 330mm 
    - Y-axis: 220mm 
    - Z axis: 320mm 

    Spindle Speed 

    - 200 ~ 5000rpm/min 

    Spindle Power 

    - 1.5kw 

    Spindle taper

    - NT30/R8 

    Input voltage 

    - 220v single phase AC 

    Positioning accuracy 

    - ≤ 0.01mm 

    Clamping tool diameter can be

    - 4 ~ 16mm 

    Feed rate 

    - X / Y axis: 10000mm/Min

    - Z-axis: 10000mm/Min 

    Motor torque

    - X-axis servo motor: 4.0Nm 
    - Y-axis servo motor: 4.0Nm 
    - Z axis servo motor: 4.0Nm 

    Ball Screw 

    - PMI double nut ball screw 

    Linear guideway

    Output port

    - USB, RS232 Interface: data transfer 
    - Standard 15-pin parallel port: MPG handwheel connection 


    If you are interested in our high precision new generation x6 linear servo cnc milling machine tapping, welcome to contact our factories which are widely spread to Taiwan, China, Japan and many other places around the world. It can be used for manufacturing benchtop, jewelry, desktop, bobby and dental products. Low and cheap in price and high in performance, welcome to get our affordable tormach personal small CNC Milling Machine.

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